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While I am busy in my own career and other fun hobbies, I want to take on some different projects from time to time. Why? Because I like extra money and I like keeping myself really busy. 

services A'lA CARTE

Graphics (Web & Merchandise)
WordPress Setup & Design
Social Media 
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Marketing Strategy
Canva Paid Account Setup

What do I need to get started?

If you are looking to create a blog or website, you need a webhost before you book with me. These are a few places that I highly recommend. 

ShowIt.Co - This is the host that I used to create this website and BSBFangirls.com. They are pricey, but VERY good and you have more freedom designing.

BlueHost - Bluehost is very affordable and have specialized packages just for Wordpress blogs. 

GoDaddy - GoDaddy is the go-to place to buy a domain name. You can also get webhosting there.

Websites / Blogs

Canva - If you are planning to do a lot of graphics for your website and/or social media and do not have Photoshop experience, Canva is the way to go. This is actually what I mostly use for my social media graphics. It is $12.95 a month and well worth it. 


Google Analytics - If you are a numbers person and want to see how your website is really doing, numbers wise, you should go ahead and sign up for a Google Analytics account. It's free and if you have a Google account, you're halfway there. 

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BSB Fan Discount

If you are a fan of the Backstreet Boys, answer the question in the form you submit to show your interest in one of our packages or the quote and receive 20% off.

Special Packages

"I Want It That Way"

     - Colors, Logos, Fonts
WordPress Installation
     - Theme Design
     - Graphics
     - Five (5) pages
Social Media Setup
     - Up to 3 Accounts
Google Analytics Setup
Five (5) Canva Templates


"Speak Now"

Social Media Setup
     - Up to 3 Accounts
Branding for Social       
Five (5) Canva Templates


"Oops I Did It Again"

     - Colors, Logos, Fonts
Wordpress Redesign
     - Theme Design 
     - Graphics
Google Analytics Setup


"Story of My Life"

WordPress Installation
     - Theme Design 
     - Graphics
      - 2 Pages


Personal Blog

Rebrand & Redesign

Social Media

Getting Started


Set up Wordpress.com site
Help edit theme as much as possible
Create brand/logo



"The One"

    - Website (no more
       than 6 pages)
    - Resume
    - Document
    - Report



Copyedit Book
    - < 200 pages


"Genie In A Bottle"

Three (3) T-Shirt Designs
One (1) Sweatshirt Design
Two (2) Coffee Mug Designs
One (1) Phone Case Design
Shop Logo / Header Design



Please note that paid and free accounts on Wordpress.com can not be edited or use original themes. 

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